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About the Garmin TT15 & T5 Collars

Learn about the features and history of the Garmin TT15 \u0026 T5 collars, as well as how to set them up with your Garmin Alpha or Astro handheld.

Garmin Alpha Dog Collar Series (Alpha 200i, Alpha 100, TT 15 Collar)

2020 was a big year of development in the Garmin Alpha Series. 8 years ago they released the Alpha 100, which quickly became a staple in dog tracking and training. After all those years of use and testing, Garmin compiled feedback from many avid outdoorsmen, to develop the Alpha 200i.

Here at we break down the new 200i technology, TT 15 Collars and why it might be time for you to make an upgrade!

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Garmin Alpha MINI TT15

New smaller collar for tracking AND training designed for smaller dogs.




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