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GEARS - the Basics

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An introduction to gears from the simple machines perspective. Which are force multipliers? Which are speed multipliers? How do we calculate mechanical advantage?

FULL FILM: McLaren Speedtail vs F35 Fighter Jet | Top Gear

Avid Top Gear fans may well remember the time Richard Hammond raced the RAF in a Bugatti Veyron. Well, technology has moved on a little since then, and Paddy McGuinness fancied a rematch, so join Chris Harris in the super-slippery, 250mph McLaren Speedtail and the RAF in their 1200mph F35 jet. Let's race.

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Understanding PLANETARY GEAR set !

The planetary gear set, also known as the epicyclic gear train, is one of the most important and interesting inventions in engineering. They are great speed variation mechanisms, and are often used in automobiles as a vital part of automatic transmissions. We will explore the secrets of the planetary gear set in this video.

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